Fly Fit

Fly Fit provides a total body workout, fusing traditional and suspension barre training into one incredible class. The adjustable aerial swing equipment can be modified to fit participants of various shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. Fly Fit incorporates isometric holds and micro-movements, using different tools, including handheld weights, resistance bands, and exercise sliders to strengthen and tone your body without increasing bulk, increase cardiovascular endurance and metabolism, helping to quickly burn calories. This class focuses on strengthening your joints without impact or stress, experiencing spinal decompression, and improving your posture & muscular balance. This class is progressive, adaptable, creative, challenging, and FUN!  All levels welcome. Full 60-minute class.

What to Bring: a yoga mat, a water bottle, and an open mind! If you forget your yoga mat, we sell new ones for $25.

What to Wear: **Please wear clothing that covers the backs of the knees and torso for all classes. This will help avoid burns caused by friction with the silks or lyra. 

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