Fly Girls

Our Fly Girls classes focus on learning aerial tricks that will impress her friends and exhaust her body.  Aerial silks have a unique way of targeting stabilizer muscles throughout your entire body while building your upper body and core. Students will also build strength, increase flexibility and learn to flip, turn, roll, pose, and transition between positions using our aerial silks and Lyra [aerial hoop]. Classes begin with a warm up and conditioning and then quickly move into choreographed combinations. Full 60 minute class.
We offer private lessons and parties, too!

What to Bring: a yoga mat, a water bottle, and an open mind! If you forget your yoga mat, we sell new ones for $25.

What to Wear: **Please wear clothing that covers the backs of the knees and torso for all classes. This will help avoid burns caused by friction with the silks or lyra. 

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